Custom Blocks

Bootstrap Accordion

Add a frequently asked questions section easily using our Bootstrap Accordion block.

Button Block

Easily add a call to action button. The button is available in 4 styles, including ghost, and 4 sizes of button.

Bootstrap Thumbnail

A block with an image, some text and a call to action button.

Highlight Box

Easily add some content with a different colour background and some padding.

Social Icons

Social icons are provided with two blocks, one using images and including a concrete5 icon, and the other using Font Awesome.

Image Feature

A block allowing an image on the left and a description on the right.

Customisable Banner

Features full width banner areas and two full width image areas on the home page, which can be background images or a customisable background colour.



Headings with underlines

Google Fonts: Montserrat Quattrocentro sans Shadows Into Light Two Raleway

Custom Templates


3 templates to choose from for your portfolio or other page list including two column, three column and four column layouts. This can be used for other purposes as well, such as a team or product list.


Choose from masonry, grid or small thumbnail templates for your blog.


3 Custom templates for the Autonav block, including Salix for the top menu, chevron and vertical menu for sidebar and footer areas.

This theme includes responsive video support, provided by FitVids.


4 Styles

4 Sizes


Image Feature

Easily add an image and a description using this custom block.

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Bootstrap Thumbnail

Another easy way to add an image and a description.

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